Rihand Creative provides two types of counseling: online counseling and on-site counseling. The primary objective of this counseling is to accompany and assist the client in understanding life’s problems.   Interested? Learn More >>

Our Counselors

Prof. Johana Endang, Ph.D.

Clinical Psychology Counselor

Prof. Marthen Pali, M.Psi.

Psychologist and Counselor

Dr. Rini Handayani, M.Pd.K., P.C.

Family Counselor

Dra. Tika Bisono, M.Psi.T.

Tibi Sinergi's Psychologist

Frans Best Soma, Ph.D.

Teen Counselor

Mastia Sinaga, M.Psi.


Khezia Margareta, M.Th.


Shanti Yanuarini, M.Si.

Special-Needs Therapist

Deny P. Ning Rina, S.S.

Montessori Education Consultant

Nawang Warsih Wulandari, S.Psi., M.Si.


Dr. Mualifah Syah, M.Si.


Dr. Nur Eva, M.Psi.


Yuki Christian, M.Si.

Child Counselor

Dr. M. Miftah Farid, M.Pd.

Education Counselor

Drs. Daniel Nuhamara, M.Th., Ed.D.

Education Counselor

Dra. Tjioe Suan Suan, S.Psi.


Tanti Kusmiati, A.Md., TW., S.Psi.

Speech Therapist

Hendri Wijayatsih, M.A.

Clinical Counselor